Wednesday, 28 November 2012

catch up time.

 iv been feeling a bit poorly again hence the lack of posts. But thought a catch up was well over due.

We have been taking it easy and the curriculum we follow from beacon mama ( suggested spending the last week in the service of others.Well that didn't really take of in a big way unfortunately. Although Jasmine did help me out, She took summer out with her and collected some of the Avon orders for me and  helped with the animals. She also spent a long time making Christmas cards. She wanted to do some sort of fund raising but i didn't feel up to it.Perhaps next year i will be more organised.

We have been mainly child lead due to my inability or lack of want to intervene with much in the way of formal stuff.

We have been to the library to stock up on winter tales, books i should get round to buying  but it escapes my mind or we don't have the money,such as the nutcracker, the little snow girl.

Summers been to her dance lessons.

Charlie has been writing and reading simple words and figures.

They have planted bulbs . Every year we take part in the pots of care project.

Lego models have been made and instructions followed.

 There has been loads of baking.

 And some bath crayon making to.

 Theres been crys of , can i have some worksheets mum ?

 And lots of card making .


This weeks had a bit more structure to it, well for jasmine any way .Shes started a physics of light block . we painted the sunrise together.If we had followed the curiculm package properly we would have woken early to see the sun rise.But due to me feeling lazy we opted to paint from a photo Jasmine had taken the last time we watched the sun rise together.

Shes also been writing in her main lesson book, writing about how the sunrise makes her feel and also copying out poems and biblical texts relating to light and its creation.

 Because she is studying mesopotamia Gypsie and i read a summery of the epic of Gilgamesh yesterday and she completed a reading comprehension sheet. we also headed out for a walk in to the village up to the bank.fortunately we stopped in at the charity shop on the way home.We found a beautiful nativity set and a lantern.Summer found a lovely sewing kit and Charlie found a science museum dragster kit.Charlie was able to put tit together all by himself , hes very mechanically minded and from looking at the instructions it was easy for him although aimed at older children.

We got it for a bargain £1.50 and it actually retails at a lot more.

Gypsie and summer are once again trapped in the plastic fantastic world of barbies.
They are spending hours making houses , clothes and accessories. Summer has been printing out wallpaper and constructing cardboard ladders, kitchen cupboards and appliances. My picture is naff and will not rotate but you can get some idea.

I was panicking thinking we hadn't been doing much .But now I'm quite chilled out.The kids are happy and if there happy I'm happy!

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