Sunday, 28 October 2012

 The past week has been quite chilled out , the girls have been poorly so we have relaxed quite a lot.

Jasmine started a block of work on the life and times of Jesus.The focus was writing accounts as though she was witness to the birth, childhood and last week of Jesus life .She did fantastical well taking on the role of various characters, such as a Rabbi and an apostle.I was proud of her for doing so well as she like her father doesn't have Christian views. I thought she may loose interest but i was wrong.

She included a map in her book to of the route that Mary and joseph would have taken to bethlehem and also wrote out a couple of biblical quotes andretold the story of the feeling of the 5,000.

Summer still is continuing with re-telling Norse myths.I need to work on sprucing it up for her a bit as her attentions beginning to waver a bit.I'm thinking of collecting some stones with her from the beach to make some ruins.

Gypsies been learning all about Budism this week as part of her "welcome to India" block.

We told the story of budda and looked at the eight fold path and the rules of budism, we discused Navana and she has drawn and painted some beautiful pictures.

One day for some Maths practice we began looking at fractions.The next day Summer and Jasmine both designed gardens looking at ways of spliting up the land in to fractions. Much more enjoyable than pages from any work book!

Charlie is doing fantastically well and could remember all but one of the letters we have learnt through the telling of Grimm's stories.
 I finally got round to putting up the weather tree.The idea is that you keep a record of the weather for a whole year by colouring in one leaf a day according to the key!

Charlie made a cockroach.....

 Whilst Nanny taught the girls and i to knit. I was so surprised at how quickly Summer and Jasmine have picked it up. Gypsie was most looking forward to learning but she has found it very challenging .

We have been out for a lot of walks, usually on erons to the bank, post office and library , but hey ...they are still walks.

Charlie took loads of photos of various fungi and had enjoyed scooting through the autumn leaves.

We made some cute ghosts in jars,

 And today iv finally given in ( feeling to tired n poorly to argue) and let the youngest 3 carve there pumpkins.

We only managed to get two pumpkins from the garden. so i ended up buying them one each from Tesco : (

And no one wanted the ones from the garden , as they were green...not to worry I put them to good use...

scaring the life out of me with the biggest knife possible!

I'm not sure whos idea it was to get out the food dye but it makes for even scarier pumpkins!!!!

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