Thursday, 23 August 2012

Such a busy day.

My day started at 6am when Eva decided that after keeping mumma up most of the night feeding a lay in wasn't going to happen.

Still there is a bonus to getting up so early.All the animals and children ( apart from Jasmine who did sleep in) were fed and watered, the laundry and dishes were sorted, the Avon orders were delivered the shopping was dine and we were back at home eating ice cream before ten thirty! Phew....

After lunch we haded off to the beach with my sister Hayley. Jasmine decided she would throw a strop and met us down there a little  later .Gypsie, Summer and Charlie had lots of fun swimming and splashing in the sea with there very brave , or very mad auntie.It was far too cold for me to even contemplate.

We all enjoyed watching the variety of dingys, seadoos and sailboats bobbing up and down as the beach was pretty packed.

Whilst sitting on the wall we discussed how August was flying by and put two and two together and assumed that today being the last Thursday before bank holiday Monday it must be 99p night at the fair. A quick text to my other sister Tash confirmed that and then another text to Paul to sort out a lift to St Helens and we were planning out our evening.

After a lovely afternoon we came back to a few nice surprises. Paul had brought home a Huge Grass Hopper that had hopped in to the garage where he works.I kid you not this thing is massive.At least two inches long.Paul had placed him/her inside on of our butterfly habitat and we all enjoyed studying it for a good long while.

For now he has some lettuce leafs to munch on and we will show nanny before setting him free in the garden tomorrow.

As Paul also brought home a spare numberplate, another task for one very excited boy and his mumma is to turn the Wendy house in to Charlie's workshop/ garage. we will start work on that tomorrow and the number plate will be proudly displayed.

I was excited to find some lovely parcels had  arrived.

These items were ordered from yellow moon and selago.

Iv spent around * said in a very hushed voice* £30 on Lyra pencils and stockmar beeswax blocks and am hoping they will last a good long while.I'm always replacing our crayons and pencils perhaps the extra cost will mean better value and that they will last much , much longer...only time will tell.

we also have crafts for Martinmas, bonfire night and Halloween along with some tissue paper window decoration kits and some felt leaves.

Gypsie wanted to get started this evening and was very understanding when i told her the new pencils were only for "school" work.

So... this evening we went to St Helens to the fair.We met up with my brother Josh and sisters Tash and Courtney. Unfortunately Gypsie began to panicky and I had to get Paul to come back and collect her.I was a very rubbish mum. When distraction techniques  didn't work I raised my voice. I don't know if it was the crowds , the lights the music or what but I'm just praying we can get her to my brothers wedding and the reception without any drama.

Besides the episode with Gypsie we had a great time .Hook a duck, dodgems, ghost train, candy floss and loads more. All finished off nicely with some take away chips.

In ready for bed myself now and every one else has been tucked up a good  hour or two but it seems Eva has different ideas..................


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