Friday, 24 August 2012

 The girls found the ideal excuse to try out the new pens. There was a colour in competition on the inside of the innocent fruit tubes carton.



 The picture above is the girls entries . We were all amused that although they didn't plan it but there penguins are wearing completely identical outfits!

All that remains is for me to send off a picture of the designs  and they are in with a chance of having there penguin picture on the innocent web page.

As well as this competition there are special code inside packs that allow your child  to  to unlock  3 free virtual items at . There are 25 to collect, including the exclusive Pineapple Igloo. Apparently according to my girls that really is something to get excited about.

How does the baby amuse herself whilst her sisters are busy and mummy loads the emptying the kitchen cupboards of course.

Who needs toys when you have pans and spoons!

Or better still joining the other babies in a box.


When we were all dressed we headed out on a walk up the village.I picked THE BEST day to collect prescriptions.They were hosting a Vintage Fair in the village hall. I had no idea.  many beautiful items.  The items below were made by Caroline Harris. How gorgeous are these pixie hats?

Another very talented lady , Gillian Chapman , had this wonderful display on her stall. So beautiful!
And so very purple most favourite colour.

For anyone that would like to visit Gillian's blog here is the link .

I dragged myself away, or rather the children dragged me away, and we enjoyed browsing all the other beautiful stalls.

Ever since I started reading up on Waldorf education id fancied making needle felt projects. I'v only managed one attempt and it was an utter failure. I admired these works of art in awe of how very beautiful and unique each piece was and also in envy .

The huge grass hopper  I told you about yesterday has been named Dig Dig (because it rhymes with Big Big of course!) by charlie. Anyway he/ she has been fed some cherry's and then released in to the back garden.I only hope he/she steered well clear of our chickens as he may have made a lovely snack!

This afternoon the girls had some friends in to play, they amused themselves on the wii playing guitar hero .

Gypsie didn't feel like joining in and opted for some art work instead.A pasta house..........

Cute hey......

Here's the pasta houses Summer and Charlie made earlier in the week.


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