Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Over the past couple of days iv started a new routine with the little ones. As soon as we are all ready we now go out for a walk. Originally our outside time was supposed to be after lunch but  for one reason or another that was just not working out.Theres been a bit of moaning but found its a good incentive to get Jasmine out of her pyjamas before midday.

These walks are supposed to be short strolls to wake there little bodies up for the day ahead. However today we took advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining. We strolled down to the beach walking the stretch from Lane end to Forelands.

I tried out the new extreme sport of duel scooter carrying and baby wearing.

  We admired this wooden  sculpture in the making down besides the beach huts, collected a few shells , before playing tug-of-war with the horses and hiding behind some big leaves.

Charlies face lights up when he sees the horses, hes just like his sisters!

We Squeezed through footpaths and even  found time for some sill pictures.

On returning home totally un guided charlie decided to try and look at a shell under the microscope before filling out some worksheets.

I worked with the girls on the water cycle. They drew up some diagrams and wrote explanations. Charlie was also taking everything in and answering some questions i was directing towards the girls.

  After lunch Summer , Gypsie and Charlie decided to make salt dough independently while Jas baked a coffee cake.

 In the late afternoon the girls decided to try out some skipping rhymes , something i taught summer in our circle time yesterday. i was pleases she could remember all the words!

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