Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Its been a few days since my last post and we are almost recovered from our virus...i think!

Summers been put on a course of antibiotic drops for an ear infection.But other than that we are all pretty good now.

Today has been one of those days when everyone wants to argue with each other. I was feeling a bit fed up with the arguing to be honest.a bit put out that iv hoovered three times already and a tad miffed at this rubbish weather.A late night last night followed by a quite early morning too added to the strain.

Oh and to top it all of A delivery man asked me if i was pregnant which i replied " no just fat! "

So all in all i wasn't rely very upbeat about anything much at all.

But as i was just uploading photos from my phone and its clear to see i have so much to be grateful for.

A huge family,a roof over my head,food in my tummy, loving,Creative and on the whole happy children! And yes i may well still be looking a bit tubby but hey i have five beautiful children.

Saturday was spent celebrating my nans 85th birthday.

unfortunately to her anxiety Gypsie didn't feel able to attend the party.(iv booked an appointment for Friday to discuss some issues with a doctor)

We had a good time , the children enjoyed themselves and it was great too be in a room surrounded by such a huge family! I will however admit to not recognising a few people.

here we all are........

Saturday morning had been an early start for me..... It seems Eva had some urgent paper work to chew...i mean do!

But who can really complain about being entertained by such  a cutie.

I could complain about the mess. I seem to always be picking up from every room, every surface.But i have no right to complain when the end result looks like this.

                                          Lovely felt penguin made by Gypsie.

Or this butterfly also made by Gypsie.

So for now I'm going to snap out of it...carry on cleaning up , carry on cooking the roast for dinner and remember to appreciate all i have..Even when it all looks a bit grey!

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