Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter day was didn't follow the usual routine, but it was still a good day.

Here's Eva looking all gorgeous in the dress Jasmine had picked for her.

 Jasmine used Pizzap to make this picture of her on here first Easter in April 2001 and Eva on her first Easter 2011. Notice how she even gave Eva her blue bunny...too cute!

I noted how Eva has no teeth what so ever and Jasmine has two....Jasmine worked out that there are 15days difference in their ages.So Eva has been informed she has just two weeks to get some serious teething done! lol

Normally i prepare us roast lamb in the morning, have everything in the oven whilst we pop down the road to mums before coming home to enjoy a delicious meal.I even managed it last year whilst the new kitchen was being put in. This year I lost all my enthusiasm due to us all feeling a bit yucky.

Charlie was the most poorly of us all , he had a temperature although his hands and feet were freezing cold (not a good sign).

Our day started with the discovery of Easter eggs on the table and a gorgeous bunny in Evas high chair (left by the Easter bunny)
Although impressed with his Yorkie lorry Easter egg, this was the first year that Charlie hasn't wanted to tuck in right away....Jasmine went off out to do a paper round leaving Gypsie and Summer to their  pre-brekkie chocolate munching.

Summer had coloured in this very sweet card for us.As well as some for other family members and a neighbour too.

I read the Crucifixion story to Jasmine and Gypsie before they headed of to do there own thing.I am not a church goer but i do have christian beliefs and think that its important that the children understand the significance of the day for those who do believe.

Later we had a brief visit from my mum baring many an egg and a lovely box of chocolates.She couldn't stay long though as she needed to get back home because my sister was visiting.

We ate noodles and toasted sandwiches for lunch....very Easterish...lol

Id been collecting various Easter treats in the previous weeks and after lunch i dashed out in the garden to hide the goodies.

Charlie even managed to pop his coat over his pyjamas and join in.

My sisters quickly popped in to trade gifts, not wanting to pass on our germs.

We headed inside to eat more eggs ,make the shrinkies and colour in and do the activities they had found.

 It was nice to have Jasmine spend a few hour with us , as she usually spends Sunday afternoons with my youngest sister.

 Later we had a visit from one of my Brothers and his fiance. We traded Easter gifts, shared a cuppa,Eva got many a cuddle and a fishing trip was planned.

I did with Paul's Help in the potato p[peeling department, make us a lovely roast Gammon dinner.
We used Gypsies Egg Shell Candles as our Easter centrepiece.

 The evening passed quickly.

I was touched by Charlies Tap art Picture, he decided to try and make a birds nest full of eggs , but then when that didn't go according to plan, he asked me what he could make for Easter. I suggested a cross.

He tells me this is Jesus cross on the hill. Some one has left flowers for Jesus and the sun is shining on him.

I hope everyone else had a great Easter whether it is of religious significance to you or just an excuse to eat too much chocolate.

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