Thursday, 19 January 2012

Today I had a early wake up call........4.45am...still she is the cutest alarm clock ever.

After some playing we set to work.

We have continued with the Chinese new year block.

The girls listened as i re- read The Great Race story.

Gypsie and Jasmine both made a watercolour painting of the landscapes the race took place over and told the story in their own words .

Summer opted for a yin- yan symbol to decorate her story.

The girls also did some copy work, writing out a traditional Chinese new year rhyme.

You'll find whenever the New Year comes
The Kitchen God will want some plums.
The girls will want some flowers new;
The boys will want firecrackers, too.
A new felt cap will please papa
And a sugar cake for dear mama.

We moved on to making some dominoes from lolly sticks for a traditional Chinese game of Tiu-u or Chinese Dominoes) Unfortunately i then realised that i didn't have enough sticks. Still here are some pictures of how far we got.

 While our lil one slept,

 we set up a game of Chinese jump rope.

The girls enjoyed this very much...always simple things that amuse children the most......( not easy to photograph though!)

This evening Gypsie made a stuffed rag doll, using a kit that was a Christmas gift.

While Gyp had fun making the doll Charlie amused us with all using the stuffing as hair.

As you can see his styles varied from, gnomes beard, white afro to a wonderful chest wig!

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