Friday, 6 January 2012

Celebrating Epiphany

Yesterday we celebrated Epiphany.

The day started with a not very relaxed, mad dash to the Nurse at the medical centre for the children's asthma check ups.
Jasmine and Gypsies have been diagnosed for the past five years or so, and in the last six weeks Charlie and Summer have both been diagnosed as well.
If i sit and think about all but one of my Children having asthma  (and lets face it , its highly unlikely that Eva will go undiagnosed ) it does scare me quite a lot , but the reality of it is that their conditions are manageable with inhalers, there asthma doesn't stop them from doing anything they want to and they are otherwise, besides some food allergies , very well.
They all got on well and we were just given repeat prescriptions and like their older sisters Charlie and Summer have both been given a blue, reliever, inhaler to take when they start to cough.

I honestly think if i had to have all five kids up and out the house every morning before 9am i would have some sort of break have had it far to easy with our leisurely mornings and it was a bit of a shock.

The previous day preparations for Epiphany began.

Gypsie decorated a crown that i had cut from a textured wall paper sample.

Summer made paper doll kings.

Jasmine made an Epiphany cake.

i managed to delete the pic of the whole will have to make do with the left overs!

We also made black boards for the doors.

(the pictures don't really do them justice , they look better in real life!)

We didn't make a traditional cake as i was struggling to find a vegan recipe.Instead Jasmine used the fail safe vegan chocolate cake recipe.This recipe always works out great.
She wrapped a dried kidney bean (traditionally this would be a small clay baby Jesus) in some kitchen foil and baked it hidden in the mixture.

Just before leaving the house yesterday morning, whilst the children were outside getting out their scooters and such , i laid out 3 small gifts for each of them on the table.
They were very happy to find them upon returning home.

Charlie received a wooden boat, some glass pebbles (he'd had his eye on these in a local shop for a while) and some chocolate.

The girls received a flower fairies diary, a  mini ceramic cup cake trinket box and some chocolate.

The children spent time playing and colouring.

While we ate our lunch, whilst burning a frankincense incense stick or three, we discussed the 3 gifts brought by the kings and there origin and their meaning.

I also read the story of Babushka and the story of The Three Kings ( a version by Henry Wadsworth Long fellow)

We cut our cake and Gypsie found the bean.....she was pronounced king queen......for the day! As she found the bean  it will be her duty to bake next years Epiphany cake.

After lunch the girls wrote the kings initials on the blackboards and i hung them up.

We had learnt of the tradition of chalking the initials of the three kings besides the front door of your home on three kings day.Our black boards were very easily made from old biscuit tin lids. i masked of the edges and Gypsie and summer painted on the blackboard paint.I added some gold ribbon to the sides so they could then be hung .

We learnt a lot from our first celebration of the twelfth night and the children enjoyed some Mexican hot chocolate, made by Gypsie as a treat before bed.

I hope that yesterday was a good day for you too. xxx

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