Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy new year!

Happy new year to one and all may 2011 be a fabulous year for all of you.
I love new year and new beginnings, i have made three new years resolutions this year.
The first and most important one is to live more Eco friendly, the second is to get our five a day ( me and the kids) and the last is to bake all our treats, no more shop brought rubbish.

The first is going rather splendidly, i ordered a big compost bin on Thursday.( charlie and Paul were out in the garden putting it together the very next morning.very fast delivery indeed and there were no faults to report, Charlie enjoyed his woodwork lesson very much!!! And looked very cute in his boiler suite as he went about his work too.The kids and i now delight in saving the tea bags, egg shells and scraps for the compost.
Paul has brought me a Brita water filter, as i am a bottled water junkie, this will save a lot of room in the weekly rubbish sacks! Charlie now asks me for drinks of *magic* water to help him feel better ( hes a little poorly with a virus)
I'm thinking small changes like these two steps iv taken this week will add up to big things in the future.

The second, well lets just say I'm trying to provide salad n veggies with every meal but the majority of it ends up in the guinea pigs food bowl or on the compost heap...i shall endeavour to try harder!

The third, i love to bake as do the children, so this one is going to go just fine.I did however have to exchange words with Paul as he went to the shop for margarine and came back with a bag of shop brought junk.Still this morning was spent baking gingerbread and multi seed rolls, which the kids chose to eat instead of the shop brought items.

i feel optimist that 2011 will be a fabulous year for us!

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