Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What do they do all day?

I often write about what my youngest two and I get up to and those of you who know I have four other beautiful children would be forgiven for wondering what they get up to.

So let me tell you what how they have been spending there time lately.

Jasmine, almost seventeen, had a paper round and a cleaning job and is currently  studying online for a diploma in human anatomy and physiology.

Gypsie is sixteen and still obsessed with tattoos and animals. She has a dog sitting job and is building up an impressive portfolio of tattoo designs.
When she's not drawing she can be found outside with her ducks or petting one of her Guinea pigs.

Summer is fifteen and has a successful YouTube channel with 109K subscribers, she's also working on a Second channel. When she's not editing She is studying online with Harley Oxford, doing a make up artistry course.
She is still part of a street dance crew and attends classes every week.

Charlie is eleven and loves nothing better than gaming on his P.C. At the moment he is enjoying a survival game named " The forest."
He's recently really got into reading. Last month he reread his favourite book" My friend the enemy " and then moved on to the more light heart" Gangster Granny "
He's earns himself a few quid a week from collecting cuttlefish that have washed up on the shore which he sells to one of his Grandads friends who breeds and shows canaries. Apparently cuttlefish are an important dietary requirement.

All four of them are as you can see pretty entripenerial and independent and I'm so proud of them.
They are all also really practical and will turn there hand to garden tasks,cooking, baking, carpentry, DIY and most crafts.

A couple of weeks ago jasmine and I painted the girls bedroom and she and summer put together a flat pack desk and three sets of draws without any problem.
This week i'v been painting the lounge and Gypsie offered her help.

Yesterday we were outside and summer brought us all out some beautiful glasses of fresh strawberry lemonade she had made.

Just today Charlie helped me make a welly boot rack, actually all I did was cut the wood, he did all the drilling and screwing himself.

Charlie and Gypsie are close they like to go on walks together sometimes taking along my brothers dog and between them they take responsibility for all our pets.
Likewise Jasmine and Summer are very close, they often go out together, shopping, to the arcade and such like. They just went to the Isle of Wight festival together a couple of weekends ago and have another festival and a pride event happening in the coming weeks that they are looking forward to.

Of course like all siblings all six of our children argue, fight, bicker and swear at each other ,and I think its totally normal. But on the whole they get on the majority of the time which is the most important thing.

I wonder if Eva and Robbie will be really close too or if the dynamics will change !?!

So yes, that's what my older children are up to at the moment. They are all happy and content and that makes me very happy.
It's a blessing watching them learn and grow every day.

Love and light Gem.

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