Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mud &bloom

This morning Eva and Robbie opened their first Mud & Bloom box.

Mud &Bloom is a subscription box for 3-8 year olds delivered at the beginning of every month which includes a couple of seasonal activities.
One which is  gardening and another which is a nature craft The activities have been designed by teachers and support the national curriculum but the thing that really made me subscribe was that it is influenced by steiner ,Montessori and forest school education.

For me celebrating each season and growing your own herbs and plants is pretty high on the agenda and I hope my children take these lessons in to adulthood with them .

I had opted for a sibling box which contained enough materials for them both to do all the activities.
June's box was so much fun .
They wanted to make lanterns first .Eva painted the day time on one side and the night sky on the other which I thought was very sweet .They both enjoyed sniffing the citronella candles too.

They planted the calendula seeds in to two big plant pots and gave them a good water .
And used the organic compost disks provided to plant the beetroot seeds .
They both had a great time .

We all decided to leave the nature walk activity for a sunnier day though .

Instead we plodded of to the shop ,trying to fly from our brolly's, for supplies.Eva saw an experiment in a magazine and  she wanted to try to make her own chocolate ice cream.It was a tad on the runny side so we froze it in lolly moulds and according to my little ones they are yummy !

I feel so blessed to spend my time with these two little ones learning and exploring every day .
And the four older ones too of course !

Love and light ,

Gem x

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