Monday, 20 March 2017

Monday Monday..

This Monday morning was wet and windy to begin with and I was forced out of my comfy bed from beneath two snuggly little ones to answer the door to delivery man. An hour or so later another knock at the door was from a guy who came to measure up for our new bathroom floor...i think it was the second knock that stirred the sleepy ones from there sleeping places. And eventually by about half ten I had greeted all the kids a good morning. I actually am so in love with our very slow mornings.
After Eva had had some breakfast/brunch we sat at the table together and talked about shapes. She drew around her shapes from a peg puzzle board and then wrote each shapes name and a little face about it. (Such as a hexagon has six sides, and the star has five points.)
Charlie had filled his morning with cereal, cups of tea, YouTube and xbox gaming. When he woke first thing he showed me a game he's downloaded to his phone called 'little black Smith shop' but unfortunately it didn't work so he spent quite a while trying to find a substitute. He's still very passionate about learning to forge one day.
Jasmine and spent the morning watching TV and doing her maths and English course.
In the afternoon Gypsie spent a while crocheting and Charlie, Robbie and Eva decided to venture off out in the windy garden. Charlie made a cool Axe from a bit of a toaster he had taken apart and a piece of wood. Eva and Robbie had a jump on the trampoline with the hoola hoop.
Eva and Robbie also spent a long time playing with a ladybird. The poor thing has been in the house since yesterday and I think he would really like to break free. Yesterday we learnt all about the seven spotted butterfly which is the most common here in the UK and we also leart that the name lady bird originated from 'our Lady Mary's bird' as Mary is often depicted as wearing red and the seven spots represent the seven sins. (interesting stuff, possibly more so to me than to my 3 and 5yr olds)
My mum brought my nephew round in the afternoon and we drank tea and chased him around the house as Is the usual protocol for an energetic one year old boy!
Summer is baked us vegan banana bread and biscuits and she baked a chocolate cake for Paul as a surprise for when he got in from work tonight.
I had some time to work on some illustrations I'm doing this afternoon, Robbie noticed I was painting a pumpkin and he and Eva both decided they would like to do the same.
This evening I read a beautiful book 'seasons come, seasons go TREE' its a story of all the animals and the tree in the woods and all the seasonal changes. It's a lovely book Eva and Robbie both enjoyed it.
I'm absolutely shattered. And am giving myself repeated pep talks on how I WILL make it through my dentist appointment tomorrow..... Wish me luck!

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