Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Well . ..
Its been almost three months since my last blog post ....

And as I lay here typing in bed with a throat full of phlegm with a congested feverish toddler attached to my boob there is one word that sums up these past months ...VIRUS.

I think we have had perhaps two weeks where we have all felt well.We are no way as poorly as we have been but its still lurking .

Still; amongst the coughs and sore throats and fevers there has been many a smile.

I'v left it so long I don't really know where to start so I'll just do my best and make it as coherent as possible.

The most fantastic news I have to share is the birth of my gorgeous nephew Harley. He's totally gorgeous and we all adore him especially Eva who will not leave his side whenever we see him.

We have had fun celebrating special days; baking; painting and creating .

On St Brigid's day summer and I wove a paper cross and I shared the story of Brigid's cloak with Charlie.

The next day was Imbolic. To welcome these early spring days we changed our nature table;rolled beeswax candle and planted bulbs.

In the run up to Chinese new year dragons; dragon masks; zodiac wheels and monkey sun catchers were made. And we ate chow mein for our dinner.

For shrove Tuesday some of us made lentern resolutions and sacrifices ( Charlie's given up watching one of his favourite gaming YouTubers "mess yourself" and i'v given up Facebook and Instagram) and I made us a lunch of delicious vegan pancakes which the kids enjoyed topping.

For Valentine's day I baked the children a special breakfast of cinnamon roll hearts and white hot chocolate with pink marshmallows.
Eva; Summer and I painted love rocks. (which we will eventually go out and leave around the village for people to find)
Jasmine and Summer made our traditional love truffles too.

Three weeks ago summer took to the stage with her dance classmates from Starlight Boutique in a performance at Shanklin Theater. Unfortunately I was unable to get tickets but we are really looking forward to getting hold of the DVD of the show and I'm so very proud of her. It was a long weekend of rehearsals prior to a Sunday night performance and she loved it!
She is the outgoing social one of the family; last week was school half term and she met up with a different friend almost every day .The most special meet up of the week happened on Sunday .Summer has been friends with Danielle; a fellow reborn doll collection for a few years and Danielle visited the island this weekend! I'm so happy they finally met!! Paul took Charlie fossil hunting and to look at Culver battery whilst summer spent a precious hour on the pier; in the arcade with Danielle.

Home ed wise. In a nut shell.Jasmine is fast approaching the end of her second open university maths course.
Gypsie has been focusing on mathematics and handwriting practice.
Summers been using the complete curriculum book.(name of which I can't remember right now)
Charlie is getting on great with his Oak Meadows curriculum and Eva is more often than not found with a pen in her hand writing out the alphabet; all our names or random numbers.
And Robbie; well his favourite word at the moment is play .And he insists that everything is blue!

So I think that's all for now ...

We shall most probably continue our semi hibernation of poorlyness and I shall post again very soon.

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