Monday, 9 November 2015

Still celebrating

Having celebrated Halloween and Charlie's birthday we turned our attention to fireworks night.

I helped Charlie and Eva make a wonderful rocket mobile and Eva really enjoyed making some sparkly glittery firework pictures with glitter and tiny sequin stars. ...she went  off to find the tweezers to help place them precisely in the position she wanted.

The night before the Guy Fawkes night Charlie ; Eva and I watched a very funny yet historical documentary;hosted by Nick Knowles; about the gun powder plot.
We all learnt a lot.

The weather was horrid on Guy Fawkes night so unfortunately we were unable to have the bonfire I'd planed. I still fixed us all a bonfire night feast of jacket potatoes; beans; cheese and hot dogs and mulled apple juice. The children made edible sparklers and
I made a bonfire cake.

We wrapped up warm and went out to the village fire works display on Saturday night. They were absolutely stunning .

And now focus on the coming festival of Martinmas. With the making of lanterns and the focus on keeping the flame alive in our hearts throughout the winter months....

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