Friday, 25 September 2015

Nature walk

This afternoon we took a walk in to the village and back home via the lanes .

Its a gorgeous day.

The sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the sun feels warm.

As jasmine scooted off ahead of us Robbie is requesting a bid for freedom."at; at " (out; out) he shouts; whilst pulling at the straps holding him hostage to the pram.

Cue a quick swap. Robbie is now free to stamp on gravel paths and pick up shiny conkers .whilst Eva rests her little legs.

When we eventually catch up with Jasmine she is sat on a oversized mushroom ornament at the start of someone's drive way and she informs us she had seen a squirrel!
(Too bad the rest of us missed it ;but the sound of Summers heelies whizzing by would probably of put it off anyway)

Robbie gets a quick go on a tree swing.

Its much darker in the lanes .
As we walk through a tunnel of trees Eva pretends she's a vampire and covers her face with her coat each time the sun cracks through the branches.

Having jasmine with us is a bonus as she kindly responds to Robbie and Eva's requests to picks down certain leaves that the rest of us couldn't reach.

We are very lucky to have all this nature right on our doorstep to touch ;learn and explore.

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