Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Frogs ,sand and animal treats.

Today we had an attempt at circle time after a very long break.
Eva really enjoyed it ,Charlie not so much.
We lit a candle and read the story of "The frog prince" and Eva joined in with some finger rhymes like five little speckled frogs.
We talked about frogs and tadpoles and looked for all the green things we could see downstairs.
(We stopped to take consignment of the grocery delivery halfway through )
After that they both made some fingerprint frog paintings.

Whilst we were doing this summer was working independently from her Harcourt family learning complete curriculum book.

And my two teens....they were still snoozing. . . Because thats how teenagers roll! And as we home ed they are free to get up when they like (now if only the same applied to mama's)

Once the shopping was packed up .I headed off to the post office and shop . I was fortunately accompanied by my eldest , strongest daughter who after posting off a shamballa bracelet (should of taken a photo as it was so pretty) she had made for someone ,helped lugg two growbags into the basket of the pram.

After lunch we decided to put the sandpit together. All us girls muched in together and the little ones are loving it. Its almost 9pm and Eva's only just come inside.

Gypsie baked the most delicious organic cinnamon and mint chocolate cookies for us all to enjoy.

This evening Summer decided to use some online tutorials to bake animal treats which she intends to sell at our gate tomorrow.

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