Saturday, 28 March 2015

On days like today .....

On days like today its fine to miss out on your green smoothie and bake comfort foods.

Its o.k to eat your own body weight in bread pudding.
(well think of it as a reward for making bread dough with a child in your arms)

Your totally allowed to drink gallons of  coffee and hot chocolate.( You NEED it after less than four hours sleep)

To make a crappy oven chips kind of dinner instead of the meal you were planning.

To raise your voice a couple of times.(especially when your hit in the face by a flying toy)

You can't be super mum all the time.
I will try again tomorrow.

Today has been the fourth day that Poor Robbie has had a temperature. He has mostly wanted to be in my arms and mostly attached to a boob.

We have had some fun moments.

Charlie and Eva worked on making a last supper craft.Prior to Robbie screaming and throwing all the pens of the table,we talked about passover,the disciples and Leonardo da vinci's famous painting.

Charlie and I popped out to the shop quickly for some urgent groceries and I found a couple of nice books in the charity shop.

And we all had a laugh standing on our heads ....

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