Saturday, 20 July 2013

More sunny fun

Thursday morning I woke to Eva being handed a beaker of tea, (when i say tea i mean mostly milk with a little hot water, a tea bag and a little sugar also please note there appeared to be no coffee brought up for weary mummy ...I shall make a complaint!)
This cup of tea was apparently "cold !" she is a tea conoser at the tender age of 22 months and this tea simply wouldn't do. I went down stairs with her where i made he a fresh cup of tea and we sat and talked about all the different colours of material she could find in the sewing box. she picks up the scraps of felt asking "yellow?" "Boo?" "Geeeen?" "Pink?". Orange is a fabulous colour , not that I'm keen on orange , but because she insists upon calling it "orange juice" .
She then sits for a while having a go at one of Charlie s puzzles, her determination is applaudable as she jams bits in here and there.

I feel so grateful that i get to spend all my days watching her grow, teaching her new words, watching each new development. I would hate to miss anything. I seriously cant think of anything else id rather be doing.
She is talking so much , every single day new words are being spoken and she has such determination to keep up with whatever her brother and sisters are doing.

I didn't feel to well on this particular day , my tummy felt a bit odd and i was worried about braxton hicks contractions..was it too early to have them? was i having too many?... it would seem no matter how many pregnancies you go through , well for me at least, there is always worry and concerns, i ll not fully relax until I'm holding this baby in my arms.

Anyway we trundled off to the shop and I fully intended to walk down to the beach cafe to ask if jasmines phone had been handed in. (she lost it the previous day)
however returning home i really didn't feel up to it. Instead i phoned the cafe , where after several attempts at ringing i was told a blunt "No , nothings here" so i decided to call the RNLI shop .A very polite lady answered my call, she told me that they had had a phone handed in , i told her the make and model and that my daughter thinks she left it on the sink in the toilets. Jasmine and myself were very pleased . she strolled down with Gypsie to go and pick it up.

I know that if i found a phone i would hand it in , and I'm so glad that it was found by an honest person. Paul had phoned and had the SIM card blocked the previous nigh, so now she's just waiting on anew one to come and she will be back to texting away again.

Summer spent the morning Playing with her reborn dolls while after collecting the phone Jasmine and Gypsie sat and watched Sabrina the teenage witch and a rescue documentary. Jasmines really into these types of rescue programs at the moment , her favourite being Bondie Beach Rescue. She must get that from her dad as he likes any medical or emergency service program you can think of.Where as i feel the need to run at least 100 yards at the sight of blood or sick.

Charlie and Eva played with some plaster cine. Here's Charlie's models of me and an alien.

We sat and ate our lunch outside, well the children sat and ate. i did my best to herd the hens up and stop them jumping up on the bench.Eva ate nothing much at all insisting on feeding the chooks anything we put on her plate.

By this point i felt incredibly hot and tired so thought id try and get Eva inside for a nap. She however was adamant she was going in the pool ( yes she no longer calls it a bath , its a pool ) I opted for a quick lay on the sofa whilst Jasmine got her ready for the pool. I contemplated jumping in the pool but opted for tidying up the remnants of lunch.I guess the bonus of alfresco eating is that i didn't need to hoover!

The older girls spent all afternoon in the pool. Eva and Charlie had a play in the pool too .Eva astonished us all with her holding the side and floating trick. And although she asked nugget, the brown hen to "chicken ...pool ...pool pool !" many times she didn't feel obliged to join her for a dip.

Upon getting out of the pool she decided to wash the new potatoes in my you do!

 She makes me laugh without fail every day. The same can be said of this little man who later invented the hands free way of carrying a  fishing net..

Charlie got too hot outside and asked me to put  his Spy Kids DVD on ... myself and Eva decided this was nap time.

Earlier in the day the girls had asked me to take them to the beach, but I just didn't feel up to it. Although the idea was soon forgotten by them,Id felt guilty about it all day. After dinner Gypsie, jasmine and summer decided to go down the beach with my youngest sister. By this point it had cooled down a bit and i felt well enough to go with them.

The tide was right in and despite some very stupid teenagers who decided it would be a laugh to jump off the pier and to flash me a bear bum on the way home, it was a pleasant evening .

 A pleasant evening and a very late one too. It was at least ten thirty by the time baths had been had , Jim jams were on and puzzles had been played with and once in bed of course stories needed to be read to a very hansom sun kissed little man..

I dozed off in bed with Charlie and woke feeling absolutely awful, my legs felt like jelly and i couldn't stop shivering. I got in to bed and then madam woke needing a nappy change and insisting on more tea. Daddy to the rescue. I intended on following them both down stairs but instead slept for an hour. upon waking and tiptoeing down stairs i found them both asleep on the sofa. The first time that daddy had ever gotten his girl to sleep at night . she usually insists upon nursing to sleep.

I swiftly ran back up to bed where i slept soundly till 4.45 when Eva needed mummy.
And i woke yesterday feeling just fine.

On to yesterday.

It was another beautiful day filled with water play and visit from nanny and my cousin .Summer spent a long time chatting with a friend on skype and Jasmine and i spent the vast majority of the day jet washing the drive and garden path. Jasmine has been a great help to me this last week or so. shes so good with Eva , shes great at distracting her whilst i cook or tidy up. Eva often asks Jasmine to take her outside to look at the moon (tricky in the day time) or play ball. I even let jasmine take Eva to the shop in the pram last night ( she did have my 15 year old sister with her) they have a lovely bond.

Before i leave this post let me just share with you a Plasticine model Charlie made yesterday morning. A cute little bee (we had no yellow left so he improvised with the red.)
He test flied his bee and then came to tell me " I was testing if it could fly, broke its wing and eye"
His little face beamed as he said ..that rhymes!
He regularly makes up little poems, often by accident. I asked if we should write it down so we didn't forget it. He decided we defiantly needed to and hurried off to get his note pad and pen from under his pillow.

A little while later he was out playing football in the garden. he shouted good morning to our neighbour, who asked charlie if he was ok. charlie replied with a cheery " Yeah, I'm just having a kick about!" and at that point their conversation was rudely interrupted by an old man telling him he shouldn't be playing football he should be at school learning. well it was just after eight thirty and if i had more caffeine in my system would probably have run out their n waved charlies poem under his nose and shouted .....i calmly ignored him.
Charlie wasn't bothered at all he simply replied "I'm home educated"

Later in the day Charlie got a lovely surprise when his Grandad Pat (Paul's dad) brought him round a gift. A life jacket. He whispered to me something about going on board next weekend. and left soon after. Much as i love Paul's dad he is a man of mystery,i never know what hes going on about , hes full of riddles, is a real character and quite eccentric. Of course Charlie was asking me when are we going on grandads boat , and simply couldn't wait to try out his jacket. in fact he wore it to the shop and i overheard him telling a lady all about his gift and the boat trip.

He then decided it needed a test run in the pool.


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