Friday, 5 July 2013

Celebrating , pregnancy , birthday and solstice.

Its been a while since I last posted.

We seem to be filling our days with lots of fun and then I neglect to write about it.

We are really excited to share that we are expecting our sixth baby. I'm almost 14 weeks now and feeling a lot better than in previous weeks. Who knows I may even spend less time resting and more time blogging !

On the eighteenth of June We celebrated Summers 10 Th birthday. It only seems like she was born last year , how the time flies by. She is passionate about re-born dolls. Playing with them and making them and she has found lots of friends on line via reborn forums and u tube. For her birthday she asked us to get her a toddler kit. It looks a whole lot scary now that she has been weighted, stuffed, painted and she has a beautiful blond wig now too. ( I'll have to try and get a picture of her now)

She is a very happy girl. We celebrated at home with a tea party for the family.

On the 21st we celebrated summer solstice by making sun bread, its become a bit of a tradition in our home. Gypsie , Summer and Charlie all baked their own loaf. We discussed the significance of the day and Charlie told me he would really like to go to Stone Henge. He actually wanted to go right at that moment in time so we had to make do with looking at some photos instead.

After a short block on the solar system for Gypsie and Jasmine and some maths as well, we have been taking a fairly relaxed child lead approach to our learning these past few weeks. I'm slowly getting together bits for the coming academic year. We will be using curriculum guides from Waldorf essentials again. Charlie's is already neatly organised in to punch pocket folders month by month . Iv read through Jasmines and am just working on gathering together some books she may find useful.
Gypsie will work from the curriculum that jasmine used last year and Summer will work from the curriculum Gypsie used last year. I just need to get all the paperwork in order and purchase some more clay, paint and pencils.

We are enjoying the sunshine whenever it decides to grace us with its presents. Taking beach walks, exploring rock pools and playing in the garden. We finally decided that we would put up the big pool last weekend and they got one days use out of it before the weather turned again.

Jasmine has developed a real passion for photography .I may be bias but I think she's got a real talent .What do you think?

She will often stop as we walk to take a photo or two, most days she will head out by herself or with my sister for a walk and come home and show me lots of beautiful snaps. She has found an on line photography course that we are going to look in to.
She has also started a photography project. so far she's taken time to look at different types of cameras and their uses , famous photographers and different effects that can be achieved.

Shes also been spending time making a basket, its slowly taking shape.

Charlie has been having fun with the computer , he's knows his way around the PCs now pretty much as well as I do. He's been using graphics to make himself in to star wars characters and has been using the paint program to draw alien abductions.

 Gyspie occupies her time with art, forever painting and drawing and sketching.

We had some sad days with the lose of a chicken or two through I illness and a fox attack.
When we lost the first hen through illness we were gifted tree more from Paul's dad.



 And drumstick

Unfortunately drumstick and one of our older hens succumb to a hungry fox.
I was actually more upset about any of these losses than the kids were.

Yesterday was the fourth of July. many of Summers on line reborn friends are American and so she was inquisitive as to what it was all about. I briefly explained and then after a trip to the shops for some more fruit she made a beautiful American flag fruit salad.

Gypsie did a pastel drawing of the American flag and Charlie created his very own flag.
We had a good day yesterday The kids were all happy to go about there own business Charlie made a 3D  model of C3PO and summer made a beautiful native American dream catcher.


There has been so much more going on besides all of this but my mind is sieve-like right now... I'm blaming it on a bad case of baby brain and sleep deprivation!

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