Monday, 18 March 2013

Lego and other stuff

Time for another catch up...where to start?

Lego seems as good a place as any. Now ever since Christmas charlie has been passionate about Lego star wars. He received Star wars the complete saga, for the Wii and spends many many hours playing , happily bouncing about the lounge as he engages in light saber battles and flies speeder pods. Hes definitely getting a good work out as he jumps from one side of the room to another and on and off the sofa.

we have recently treated him to two new Lego star wars sets . They were both aimed at older children (age 7-14 i think) but he follows the instructions with ease and had the sets put together in no time at all.

 Here he is with the most resent set..... he enjoys following the instructions upon opening the box but he enjoys making up his own droids and space ships more. I don't think he has put the kit together as it is intended again since they day he got it! Hes a pretty cool inventor and has spent hours every day for the past two weeks creating battle ships and droids and such like.

Part of his Wii game involves picking up blocks in the correct order to spell out the word Lego.
I walked out in the kitchen one day to find this...awesome huh!

Hes learning so much from just playing. I'm so happy he can spend hours playing its at times like this i am so grateful for my choice to home educate.

So aside from the Lego, which takes up much of the day charlie has been getting creative,.I suggested some crafts for saint Patrick's day and he got to work on creating this beautiful paper batter and wee little felt leprechauns. Hes getting pretty darn good at sewing now .The hats were a little fiddle so i needed to assist him with those and the cutting out of the beards.

Charlies still really keen on experimenting , so when i was browsing in the local charity shop on Saturday i was delighted to stumble across these funky kits. £3.00 well spent! They had never even been used.

We got straight to work on creating some glow in the dark slime. I read the instructions and helped with the measuring of poly vinyl alcohol and glow powder and charlie did the rest. He asked to do some more later in the day and i told him id be happy to help after my brother had gone.Upon my brother leaving i walked out in the kitchen to find Charlie had mastered the art of slime making all by himself!

Now on to my gorgeous girls. What have they been up to.....

Well, Gypsie is still very much obsessed with the virtual on line world that is IMVU .And when she s not on line she can be found drawing, painting and creating.
Just look at what she made me for mothering Sunday!

Summer has a new obsession , reborn babies. She has been looking up prices and kits and i am reckoning that this could be a vary expensive hobbie. £100 a doll ...eek.

shes also been thinking of ways to fund this hobbie, she currently has me bidding on mini glass jars on eBay so that she can make and sell bath and body products.

She made all these beautiful bath salts and body scrubs for me as a gift on mothers day.I was delighted with them and placed in to more appropriate containers i think she has the potential to sell a few!

For now shes making do with a doll she already has. its a very lifelike newborn doll , shes created a crib from an old toy box, had her dad take her to pound land so that she could by bottles and dummy's ( surprised at that as a breastfeeding dummy hating mumu) feeding containers and socks!

Jasmine has been spending a lot of time with friends, baking, skating, playing football, drawing and making pretty Easter banners.

She has, with the help of my sister, raised £25 for comic relief.
They filled up a pretty jar with jelly beans and lolly and asked neighbours and friends to guess the amount.They charged a pound a turn.
I'm very proud of there efforts.

 And My littlest girl, well shes a little whirl wind right now. She loves pointing to various body parts, dancing, miming and making animal sounds. Shes in to everything. She is cheeky , feisty and a delight to be around, although i must admit she does take up far to much room in bed!


  1. I love reading your updates Gemma, thank you for sharing your days with us xxx

  2. Thank you Julia , Like-wise i love , love, love to read your blog!