Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

I love new year and get quite excited by the prospects of what could possibly be achieved in the twelve months to come.

Here are my new years resolutions,

*Stop working as an Avon Representative and do something i agree with morally and that i enjoy

* To bake , make and create as much as is possible.

* To live a more sustainable life.

*To grow more

* Add to our brood of hens

* Get a peacock

*Begin writing a children s book.

*To read more

So far so good.

On Friday i called to pay up any money owed to Avon and to cancel my account with them. And am so happy to report that I'm now a self employed ambassador for bare foot books.I still get to work from home ,and i get to promote literacy , meet new people and sell products that i believe in .I'm still excitedly waiting for my starter pack to arrive . i cant wait t begin , for now I'm envisaging selling mostly on line and having open house days for mums and baby's and grandparents too.If i get really brave perhaps i ll try selling at local events too. I really am excited by the beautiful products i will be able to offer .

I have been in the kitchen baking almost every single day . i have only brought two loafs of bread in the past eight days which were used when i was unwell. Iv been baking batches of rolls , loafs of bread ( no mean feat for a family of seven) cakes and biscuits  i intend to buy no junk food apart from the odd packet of crisps.

I'm looking in to perhaps getting a green house this year as i use a lot of peppers and tomatoes in our main meals . I'm also considering using the part of the garden that we fenced of for the hens as my main veg plot. ( we rarely keep the hens in the enclosure)  The ground there should be very fertile if i can get rid of the nettles and asses the roots that lay beneath the soil. For now the garden is a mud slick.We have peas , garlic and onions growing in the raised bed and my three pretty hens have free run of the garden.

I hope to make more of my own cleaning products  and have ordered borax and citric acid  and will firstly be making washing liquid and dishwasher powder.

On the reading front ...i love to read ....and i find breast feeding to be the perfect excuse to read more , but i intend to read even more .At the moment i have three books on the go .John Holts 'How children learn' and also 'How children fail' and 'The small holders year'.

As far as the last two of my resolutions go , they have both been dreams of mine . There is no better time than now to try my hardest to achieve them !

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