Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas musing

We didn't get as much done as id have liked to over the past few weeks since my last post.
There were many activities in our advent calender  , such as.....

making gifts for friends

making paper chains

making hot chocolate

making pop corn and watching a christmas film

going out to see the xmas lights in our village

making christingles

reading christmas stories.

Make a gingerbread house.

Some of these things haven't happened,  but the ones that have have been enjoyed by my little ones.

Unfortunately worrying about Eva and taking her to and from the doctors have been putting a strain on me recently. She has been poorly for almost 4 weeks now, although her chest is clear she is very rattly and the coughing fits are terrible. Feeding is difficult too because she is so bunged up.

I'm just hoping we see  an improvement soon.the doctors advice was just to stick with the old fashioned remedies of steaming her and applying vapour rub and using Carvol.So the battle against these snuffles continues......I'm sure we will beat it eventually!!!!!

Dispute me being worried sick about the coughing , bunged up chesty little Eva , Christmas day itself was enjoyed by all.

We were woken by Gypsie at 4.45 am, a little too early.So cruel mum sent her back to bed until 5.45 am. The children opened their gifts and and they were all very happy .....

Jasmine received a scooter and Gypsie and Summer both received skates.
They also were very happy with many an arty crafty set and science bits and bobs.
Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a baby doll or a barbie and a new wii game or 4!!!
Much as id like to escape all the plastic items i couldn't deny them these things as  Gypsie and Summer  do love their barbie dolls and play with them for hour upon hour , days and weeks!!!

Charlie was very happy with his presents too, he had asked for typically boyish things, a bow and arrow, building kits , Lego and a garage and a  tank......i was able to get a dinosaur alphabet puzzle a bow and arrow, tap art,a rubber band gun ,a set of dinosaur stamps all made from wood which are all beautiful as is his building a house kit that is made from real terracotta bricks...Paul's had fun with this!

I  am happy to report that although i didn't go mad on Eva's gifts what she did receive was all wooden or hand knitted. She has a lovely wooden play arc, a wooden teething ring and a knitted Waldorf style gnome.

I wish that each and every gift could be so organic and natural but i also want for my children to have the things that they had put on there letters to st Nicolas.Its difficult........especially with the older ones.

Much of the morning was spent putting things together and excitedly removing things from boxes.

(well o.k....i admit most of Paul's morning was spent putting things together!)

We had visits from 3 of my brothers , my soon to be sister in law, my sister her partner and my gorgeous niece and nephew.It was a very busy , very crowded but very enjoyable.

Having prepared the veg the evening before with the girls lunch wasn't too much of a chore and it all tasted great.

Christmas afternoon was spent putting things together and enjoy each others company, It was a lovely family day.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas too and wish you all an amazing new year.xxx

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